Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Tamazons

The firm I work for rocks Seattle media. Don't ever forget that. (That's us in the photo--Andrew Freeman is to the far right--we "kidnapped" and forced him into that outfit and drove around Seattle in an antique firetruck making several "watering stops" to congratulate him on opening his new SF firm; oh and Andrew can dance, FYI!).

I don't just think our agency's special because I'm the copywriter, either. I say that because I work with the most talented team of people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. And baby, we work it with fervor.

This week, so many of our clients were splashing the front pages or in features in the P-I, the Times, and Seattle Weekly: The Parlor, Morton's, McCormick and Schmick's, Trader Vic's, The Essential Baking Company. I also personally manage public relations work with Taco Del Mar, which enjoyed a nice PSBJ feature on a recent Friday. I enjoy the guys (gals too) and the food--and great things are happening for them as we bust into new markets (Chipotle who? Qdoba wuh? Psst, you gotta play like nobody else matters but your customer, people! They're paying for all of this in the end).

New ones to watch--you heard it here first: Reggie and Mark, two lovely (straight, taken) men about to grace Belltown with the coolest lounge ever (you have to wait to see the story!); Billy Schumacher, the legendary hydro racer, has a new toy on the Unlimited circuit; The Sapphire restaurant savants in Madrona have some surprises in store (take your Q from us!); Calidora Skin Clinic with gorgeous mastermind Colette Courtion is the reason so many U-Vill and Bell-V ladies/gents are looking radiant (no, it's not the rain--it's the TITAN treaments, honey!); and Misty Isle beef has new products in their natural black angus beef "collezione" to make your mouth all slobbery. Sit back and know these will be your next, upcoming local headlines.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Look at that short hair!

This photo was taken in march of LAST YEAR, the one next to it is more recent. Watch it grow this year thru the blog snaps!