Saturday, April 29, 2006

Baseball, Blue C, RV & Martinis

What a day! I was busy, bustling host mom du jour (sleepover last night) transformed to jetsetter by night's end.

From short order cook "breakfasting," to taking the kids and the twins to Vashon Youth Baseball's opening day ceremony (cute!) with my boys getting team pix, off to a fab lunch of conveyor belt (Kaiten) sushi at Blue C in Fremont (psssst! this is THE best place to take kids for lunch), to the movie RV which was just right for the whole gang (just enough innuendo for me, just enough poo-and-goo humor for the kids), to dropping the boys to X (all of em!), dressing to meet Lisa (my friend and colleague) for Betti's super "fun-raiser" for youth baseball uniforms...featuring Keith and Patrick from TiniBigs. It was levity, laughs and lolligagging deluxe. Great work! Great cause. Then quickly back to Cove Beach, where I packed for my San Diego trip...then onto a late ferry to cozy up to favored company.


Thursday, April 27, 2006

Hawaii Calls

My Flexnet lurker in Honolulu is zealous.
The StatCounter lurk log tells me so.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Be there or be (Pioneer) Square

Lisa Nourse (far left in photo) is a Vashonista living in Magnolia. This VHS and USC grad is my esteemed colleague at the agency and I consider her very much a "white witch" of the firm. Smart, talented, hardworking and magnetic.

Saturday our mission was to converge upon Pioneer Square and get to know Club Stamp, our client with an 8-club association. We learned that the clubs (J&M, The Central, Tiki Bob's, Fenix, Last Supperclub, Howl at the Moon, Doc Maynards and New Orleans) are incredibly diverse and draw upon many ages and genres!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

On the Road Back

Alex says "pull over, pull over, let's get a photo of the waterfalls!"
I think this is Skookum falls...but it's along Hwy 410 at about milepost 50. Coolio.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Hitting the Slopes

Sometimes when you haven't done something in a while, you forget how much you once enjoyed it. Uh...I'm talking about SKIING.

The shaped skis these days are a far cry from the 180 and 190 cm skis I once rode even 5 years ago. Now I'm on 160 cm and parabolic shapes, and they are fast and responsive. I love skiing. My friends don't realize how much til they ski with me and I'm halfway down the hill looking up for them!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Friday Roadtrip: Off to Spring Skiing

Today I made a jaunt to Vashon's swank Italian restaurant, Ferrara.

I was jazzed to learn just how innovative this little restaurant was, and what veteran staff they had at the helm. Sustainable cuisine all the way, nice digs, and a wine list to knock your socks off. Vashon should be very proud.

After a full day writing, the kids and I packed up BedBug and headed for the hills, Mt. Rainier, that Alta Crystal Resort and a ski weekend at Crystal Mountain with my good friend Sue Edwards and her family.

We capped the night with a dip in the resort's heated pool. It was a Kitsap invasion it appeared, at the resort. Cool lodgey place!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Farmer's Market Finds

This, the first day of the farmer's market, showed me what a consumer Zachy was. The staff in this photo was his big purchase. I was off looking a plant starts and he's yanking on my shirt asking for $8 (which he worked off helping me plant)! We walked the minus tide on Cove Beach later and he was very proud.

Alex got me good on this April Fools, by pretending little black candies were mouse turds in my silverware drawer! I screamed, he walked up to the scene and grabbed one and popped it in his mouth and said, "oooh sugary! April fools!"