Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Welcome to my late 30s

My blogger profile just notched in another year: I'm 38 today!

Holy crap that seems old. Yet young. I feel like an 18-year-old sometimes, just as liberated, only I'm drinking age...with a few more laugh lines and wear. Just to validate my eternal youth this morning, I woke up to notice a zit on my chin!

I share this birthday with some interesting people:
Classic b/w film actress and seductress Marlene Dietrich; scientist Louie Pasteur, hon-hon-hon Frenchy actor Gerard Depardieu; 20s-30s entertainer Oscar Levant...and a host of cool Capricorns in the mix.

Those of you who suffer a birthday within two days of Christmas know that if you CARE about celebrating birthdays it SUCKS (I'm more about just acknowledging and moving on--but cards are welcome PO Box 2056, Vashon WA 98070! Ha ha). You get the "mono" gift, or no gift, or people are so wiped from Christmas they space out your b-day, and as a kid, you could never have a party because all the little girls and boys were out of town somewhere. Sigh. No wonder Cappy's are so damn serious.

Not to get too philosophical, but in your 30s you do a lot of growing up. It's been tumultuous and tearful, and fun and adventurous, too. I've loved it. I admit, post-divorce, my libido may be a little stuck in overdrive, but my career is locked in, kids have a doting mom, and I think I've done a fine job of holding it all down. What more could I wish for (don't say a man, or something battery operated!)?