Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I love my crosseyed boyfriend

He loves this goofy photo. I like the other one...of course.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Back to bidness

So excited! It's Memorial Day Weekend and we've got some fine military folks to celebrate and honor, and some leisure in the mix as well. Mom will guard the Vashon fort and attend the local service, I will meet "the best date I never had" and the weekend will surely produce its own memories. There's travel involved. Totally new domain, a funky beach house and lots of nature to behold. (Okay, I'll behold THAT nature too).

I'll return with photos. The clothed ones. :)

A couple days ago I figured out how to effectively set my spam filters so that I don't get emails I have to sift through anymore. It's all sorted out before my eyes fall on the inbox. Sweet.

Elsa, Corky, Rockdog, Blu, Joe, Yaz, Solange, Bobbi, Danielle, Deb, my fellow Islanders, Hawaii and SD peeps, classmates, -spacers-, it's all good. Big brother loves you and wants you here. Smooches.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Mom's Birthday

Strangely, this is the THIRD year in a row my mom has celebrated her birthday on Vashon Island! That's how long she's been traversing the western region with her employer--from San Diego to Washington. Yesterday was dinner, Zoomies style, a movie, and a nice evening at home. It was really fun!

Monday, May 21, 2007

27 years later

Just goes to show, you can keep your friends for a lifetime! Portland. Kass, Crystina and me. Wonderful visit.

And if I may put in a plug for yesterday's ball game: Hooray, Padres! (Can't help my allegiance when it comes to hometown rivalries.)

Friday, May 18, 2007

Of Wet Dreams and Portland

Wet. Dreamy. Now there's a handsome guy.
I appreciate photos like these. Makes a girl happy.

So, this weekend. Portland. The Pearl. Me, two fabulous women I've known since childhood, and a nice historic hotel waiting.

There are client things there too...for this blog, let's focus on the fun stuff. We'll enjoy wine tasting. Lounging. Shopping (or window shopping), and checking out a few clubs. Then home we go, as quickly as we got there!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Easier to be a thief than a saint

When you live in a place that has a police substation operating only ONE day a MONTH, and two roving Sheriff's cars on a good day (like a Saturday), reporting a non-emergency on the island is next to impossible.

Sunday the kids and I grabbed our baseball mits, a ball and headed up to Agren for a super fun session of catch. (I feel bad they didn't get into baseball this year, but it was the one athletic opp I wasn't informed about in time, and I'd handled the skiing and wrestling sign ups, however you do miss out without good x-spousal communication.) To my delight, my boys polished up their skills pretty quickly. Zach has a great arm, and Alex too.

While we were playing, we noticed a wallet abandoned in this park. Alex ran over and brought it to me--not without first opening it to scan for cash! There was $10 but more than that, all of this guy's EVERYTHING: SS card, license, debit card, vehicle registration. It was an invitation for fraud.

With the last name "Seaman," I found one listing in the Vashon phone book. I called. And called. I called again and the man on the phone finally picked up and said, "I appreciate your persistance, but he's not related to us." So I tried the police, but the substation doesn't offer voice mail. Do I call 911? No!

I got frustrated. Days had passed. Nobody was at the address on the license, and what if this guy had moved? I couldn't leave it. So I kept it and moved to calling the business cards to try to find affiliations. Bingo! It turns out he works for the guy who I used to order firewood from for the farmhouse! Minutes later, I met this lad at Thriftway and did the handoff.


Monday, May 14, 2007


There are so many things about this photo open for comment.

David, that cone-o-fries is making me a little envious.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Why I love being a mom

I love my boys. They are my best accomplishment in life. Nuff said!

Friday, May 11, 2007

It is MY Space

Zachary designed a myspace page, which I completely control and manage. He is young, so it is MY PAGE, not his. No predators, no friends added that I don't personally add, and lots of denials from anyone knocking on MY zachpage door. Got that?

Previously this page was viewable by all, but again NO CONTACT happens without ME, MOMMY logging in with my own set password and log in.

His dad doesn't like this and wanted it taken down.

Guess what? It's MY PAGE.

I have since marked the site to Private, even though previously all one could see is cartoons, cartoon music and comments from MY and zach's friends and family members.

GET OVER THE FACT that some things one parent will never control, like the fact that my oldest son is given coffee to drink on a regular basis at his other household. And he's just 10. That he's surrounded by habitual, conspicuous alcohol consumption, chewing tobacco mentoring and drives his dad's truck (steering wheel) on the Westside.

I accept. I move on. Have a lovely day.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Kissable Zach!

When my younger son (Zach) was born, my eyes fell upon this beautiful healthy baby with the robust cry, and I focused in to see his face. My x-father in law was in the room with the video cam going, and I still get to see history repeat itself as a result.

The first thing I said upon looking at baby Zach was, "Whose lips are THOSE? Mick Jagger's?!" Of course his lips were swollen a bit from the bruising of squeezing through a tight place...but still, these were some kissers!

I said it actually because I was taken with how beautiful he was. My mouth is decently full, his dad's not as much, but Zach's is just so cherubic and smoochy. It's funny how you see your features take shape in your kids (or not!) and now that Alex is entering early adolescence it's really freaking me out.

Here's a recent shot of Zach, staged by Kass. Cute!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Seis de Mayo

After the margaritas the night prior with Kassie, and reflecting on a strange evening, we dine on a lavish breakfast and cruise the Ballard market.. We came to this, a pricey retro furniture store, and I find the ultimate make-out couch.

I had to test it for quality assurance...unfortunately the study was conducted solo, sans David.

Okay, it passed. I'm ready!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Alex loves old stuff!

If it's obsolete, my son Alex loves it! He was delighted to find a working 1931 camera. The bummer? Where to get 616 film! So...for now it's sitting on the shelf.

Kassie got him all excited about this store and the Fremont Sunday flea market...and that's all he want to do now is go back there and spend money from chores.

He has a LOT of chores to do!