Sunday, October 28, 2007


The money gods have been cruel.

A lapse in my usual direct deposit resulted in a bank account that was $1100 overdrawn, $640 of which was bank overdraft fees. When I discovered I had a live paycheck, I raced to the bank so fast you could see the dust kick up behind me. The bank removed ONE, just one $32 overdraft, after my plea. This was not my fault. This is a car payment, groceries for two weeks, a cell bill and a home phone bill's worth of money. GONE and never coming back.

To salt wounds. Saturday I got a piece of mail that made me choke on my morning coffee. Swedish Medical Center sent me a $4700 bill saying my insurer paid only $1100. When you are sick, darn sick, and you need should not be a choice of financial ruin. I am pretty disgusted to say the least and need to understand. I actually called my provider BEFORE going to the ER and they assured me it's a $75 visit (and my deductible--I thought--was 1k). I just laugh at this bill because I will be paying on it for years to come. Worse yet is the fact that I don't have the second bill for going BACK AGAIN.

Ouch. If I wasn't sick enough then, this is a stomach bomb.

Saturday, October 27, 2007


The newest household addition is a Brinkmann smoker, the pride and joy item that recently arrived to David. He cured it and got it all set up like a doting dad. It was making use of itself in no time. Soon enough it was putting a delicious flavor on freshly collected oysters.

Saturday we headed out to Hood Canal with the kids to harvest Pacific Oysters on what we thought would be a promising low tide. The tide was a total DUD! So we got what we could (30). Our collective limit would have been 72 but who could possibly eat that much shellfish?! The rest of the afternoon was spent hunting mushrooms.

We found shrimp russulas and they were tasty in an omelet. There are just so so so many little fungi springing up it's not easy to ignore. My inner nerd is determined to ID them all....Zachary is really into it and Alex started getting in on the fun, too.

David began construction work on the island and has been busy in short order. Awesome.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Surfin Safari

My boyfriend is a surfer, a board-afflicted, geared-out connoisseur of things oceanic. To illustrate, when moving up, he had to pick 5 favorites of some 11 boards to bring with to Vashon. Several still remain in No Cal. They will be claimed, oh yes, they will.

We are blessed to have a small collective of former San Diego classmates living up here in the Northwest, and he and I ventured out this weekend to visit one of them, the Tony Polizzi (Keen) family. The quest: waves in Clallam County. Crescent was the spot.

We spent the night at the Polizzi house in Pt Townsend, gaping-mouthed at all the cool mushrooms springing up and enjoying a nice dinner and conversation. The next morning, the guys were totally gamefaced and ready to surf.

I am a beginner to surfing. My first and last excursion was in Hawaii on Waikiki in warm water. Growing up in Nado, I am very comfy in the water and bodysurfing, so heading out with these salty surfers was not bad at all; I felt completely at ease. After some frustration in catching plenty of waves but FAILING miserably to stand up, I swapped my stance and realized I was a goofy foot. In no time was up and surfing! Now, to practice, a lot...I'll be back.

It was awesome.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

K2: conquering the sale

Two co-workers and I conquered Vashon Island's K2 -moving out- sale, and it was so worth it! Alex got a beautiful pair of demo skis with bindings, Zach got all new boots, bindings and a snowboard. Both kids got helmets. Beanie hats, sweatshirts also came with the territory, and for me, a new parka and an office chair. David geared himself out head to toe for snowboarding. Zach has a new board buddy!

The line was long and the morning wind and misty raindrops made it a daunting wait. Instead of showing up at 830, I wished we'd been groupies and shown up at 6:30 when my colleague did. It was nice to chat with other Islanders while waiting.

I left satisfied, knowing that what I spent on outfitting the kids was the exact amount it would have cost to do a season rental of gear at snoqualmie, and this will take them for the next two or three years on the slopes. I started to second guess if I picked up ENOUGH, because there were also snowshoes and other gear I would love to have had.

All in all, TOTAL SCORE!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Autumn: Cozy Up

Where've I been? Let's just say I took some vacation time, flew to California after a great visit with dad here on Vashon. I went to Arcata to meet David and drive back up with him and his worldlies. We stayed with another former Coronadoan (Dick) who hosted me where he and David were working on building his strawbale home in an area bordering Trinity Natl Forest. From there it was onto Sacramento, Santa Rosa, Healdsburg, Coos Bay and home. Now, I have company. For good, if all goes well, and my closets don't scare him away! David is all moved up and in my life at arm's length now. This is good.

Fall fell like a heavy velvet curtain in the Northwest. The days have been spent watching David unpack, putting his surfboards up and me getting my work groove back. Mushrooms have sprung up everywhere, and I'm fit to meet the island mycologist I keep hearing about. Zach is enjoying the challenge of picking and ID'ing with me and D. We've found some freaky ones and I'm sure the field guide just happens to be off. Not to worry, we won't eat em. Except for the Blewits! And the Boletes Lakei! We know those are good.

Happy fall.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Hell House

Ah, sure, it LOOKS blissful, but this day was full of shit. So was yesterday.

No, seriously. Shit.

Apparently, this rental is the island plumbing menace. The plumber called out to work on the CLOGGED SEWAGE LINE making the toilets overflow and the washer fill with crappy swill tells me he's lost count of how many calls he's made to this house.

A level line means the poo, pee and misc swill cant gravitate to the septic.
LEAVING ME CLEANING UP THE NASTIEST OF NASTY. I had to open the front loading washer wearing my rubber Emilio Pucci rainboots and rubber gloves and then dodge the poopy tidal wave that flooded the concrete floor, sludging its way to the drain.

We peed in the yard. We pooped at the ferry terminal building.
It was wrong. WRONG.

Making matters worse, the North End has no land line phones cuz some genius cut the fiber line. THANKS A FU#$#@NG LOT, Century Tel.

Can't a girl just chat on the phone and flush her damn toilet? NO!