Friday, February 22, 2008

Hunt, gather, feast!

Dad is in town for a visit and we've been having a great time. Thanks to nice weather cooperating, too! We went to Hood Canal and took advantage of a low tide to collect oysters. Here are some highlights--ya think Alex needs a haircut?!!!

David fired up the smoker and we realized bringing home your limit (18 per!) might feed more than we need. Holy smokes. David made six different dipping sauces (fiery salsa, mustard-tarragon aioli, orange-cilantro glaze, bbq, lemon butter) and a red coconut curry. We ate that with Julienne veggies and rice with the curry poured over it and it was truly a feast. The kids were really into it, too, no poo-pooing the food.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sweet and sweeter

Valentine's day. David styled me in earrings. Diamond ones. From Tiffany. I AM THE LUCKIEST GIRLFRIEND IN THE WORLD. Better still is that fact that I get to wake up with this man by my side each and every day. Sweet, trusty, hardworking and fun.

Then, following up on the post below: The hospital is sending an adjusted bill. I am only responsible for about a tenth of this scary bill that's been showing up in the mail the past few months--hundreds instead of thousands!

That works for me. Big sigh of relief.

On Fisher Pond

We had a lovely walk around the pond when the weather cleared Sunday. This is a GREAT place for mushroom foraging in the fall, and we hope spring, too. Does anyone know where on the island there's been a forest fire? We love to know.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Jeremiah n Zach

They are growing! Ober Park, Feb. 16, 2008

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Fighting for the righting (of the bill!)

For four months, I've had a monstrous medical bill staring me in the face. It's one I've felt was not justly mine to pay since the start. I have insurance. I pay my taxes. I do the right thing. But I got sick, and I needed ER services.

I called and got a detail of the bill. It just seemed so astronomical. My other claims on the same visit had been much more in line.

Today, I audited all of my claims against the bill and found a whopping discrepancy, to the tune of $4200, which my insurance said was never supposed to be my patient responsibility. The hospital disagrees. They are looking into the glitch with their billing department. Someone's not right. I am getting calls from their hospital collector, yet I'm staring at an insurance explanation of benefits that clears me from this financial obligation. Am I my own advocate here?

I've already called to say "hey, I'm acknowledging this bill but disagree with the sum, and I just need you to look into this..." So I wait.

I fight the fight!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Choucroute. I will heretofore remember how to spell this word. It is of French origin, and a food--something I can't stand the thought of eating...Sauerkraut! Ugh.

There we were on the stage of the Vashon Theatre, hardly challenged up to this point. But then came "Choucroute." This was the word assigned to our three-woman team during the benefit Vashon spelling bee. Here were all these pedestrian words being hurled from the announcers to our competition, and then OUR team gets THAT word. We were so close. We missed it due to an extra -t-. Fortunately, we made it to the more complicated fourth round before going out. The VAA team edged out the The Beachcomber team for the win.

Sharon Boyer and Cheryl Pruett, you are two very cool ladies, and it was delightful serving with you on Bettie's Little House team. See you on the stage next year...armed with an arsenal of knowledge culled from the Francais of my Julia Child cookbook this time. And yes, Choucroute is in there.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

On the coast again

There's a place along the freeway to Twin Harbors beach we've passed by, and it's lined with colorful fishing floats and boat bumpers. On our trip to Grayland, we pulled over this time. It's a trailer home park, essentially. We got skunked this trip for razor clamming, because the conditions and low tide were less than ideal--ironically, we had all the gear this time, just no willing shellfish!