Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Choucroute. I will heretofore remember how to spell this word. It is of French origin, and a food--something I can't stand the thought of eating...Sauerkraut! Ugh.

There we were on the stage of the Vashon Theatre, hardly challenged up to this point. But then came "Choucroute." This was the word assigned to our three-woman team during the benefit Vashon spelling bee. Here were all these pedestrian words being hurled from the announcers to our competition, and then OUR team gets THAT word. We were so close. We missed it due to an extra -t-. Fortunately, we made it to the more complicated fourth round before going out. The VAA team edged out the The Beachcomber team for the win.

Sharon Boyer and Cheryl Pruett, you are two very cool ladies, and it was delightful serving with you on Bettie's Little House team. See you on the stage next year...armed with an arsenal of knowledge culled from the Francais of my Julia Child cookbook this time. And yes, Choucroute is in there.


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