Saturday, July 19, 2008

While you were elsewhere (Xterra Triathlon)

During the Strawberry festival weekend, more than 120 non-islanders (some from as far as North Carolina) carefully planned their itineraries to participate in the BuDu Racing XTerra triathlon, held right on the island in Dockton on July 13. Only ONE islander on the roster participated, David, my soon to be husband.

He heard about the race because our friend in Pt Townsend headed him up. It seems that on-island marketing has fallen to the wayside. Nobody else on the whole island cared to triathlecize? Or maybe these tri-people are just a really tight, nomadic group.

Meanwhile in Dilworth, droves of islanders flanked the Burby run happening the same weekend. Did they even know there was a triathlon happening, too? Would some of them have redirected their plans to partake?

The triathlon course, originally designed by Wally Wood on the island, is only for the fittest of the fit. Which means, of course, I was NOT competing in this mofo. Check on me next year, just maybe. Even running part of the trail with David the following weekend was an ass kicker for me. It was inspiring to watch these men and women with their gamefaces and pure muscular bods. Props to you. I'll eat a cupcake in your honor. Just kidding!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Blog not for gain!

What the hell ever happened to just blogging for blogging's sake?

I'm soured by a recent observation in which someone was using their newspaper reader blog for personal gain, with the audacity to call herself a "correspondent" for that paper. Oh really? She wanted to be invited to a client party and called herself a "correspondent" with the premise of covering the party as an item.

I've considered why this faux title pisses me off so:
-It's not ethical
-It steps on the clearly set rules of the paper
-It misleads people (my crew is a little smarter than that, however) you're a reporter

I worked several years for two newspapers (on staff and freelance), both huge public companies. Let me tell ya something: Reporters make shit for the most part. Good benes is about it. The rare fame they get is attached to their by-line. They go to school and learn AP style. They work long hours and sweat deadlines. They ask hard questions and take a lot of crud from agenda-setters.

For some media-posing princess to come along with a reader blog and try to FRONT as a correspondent (don't give me that line about people not knowing what a blog is) and use this status to get into a party is a discredit to actual media. There is no style, panache or class that comes with being a phony. A blog is a blog. It is chock full of pathos and opinion and yes, fact, but it is NOT part of the newspaper's content unless the word STAFF is attached to your title.
Bloggers who cross the line: ditch the self-entitlement. We like you for who you are, not your false image.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cipro gets the "black box"

Well, it's not off the market, but I'll take a black box warning for the type of drug I tell you really took me for a hell ride. Okay, mine was Levaquin 500mg, but this Cipro that got black boxed this week is in the same flouroquinolone class and they all need to go far away IMHO.

The LA Times has comments galore--all neg--on the hell it has given its victims (patients).

I'd like to see a lot more caution given about this drug in advance of its precription.
I think some of the pain I still have is contibuted to soft tissue damage this drug caused me.

Nuff said.

Friday, July 11, 2008

They're getting so big

A few days go by and the kids come back from their dad and POW! It feels like they've grown a foot. I think about the fact they hadn't seen their paternal grandma in nearly two years and what a shock that must have been.

Will their ski gear work next year? I see new boots on those growing feet! So cute. Such neat, responsible kids they are.

We recently implemented an allowance earning spreadsheet and I'm always fascinated to see how motivated they are or are not. If they really wanted to they could take us to the cleaners each week! Some weeks they've made $20 and others just inched past the $8 for basic chores.

Nice to see them work for tangible rewards, and really help the house out!

Monday, July 07, 2008


San Diego was a blast. Parents met the other parents at a family engagement dinner, Coronado parade was booming on July 4 and more celebrations with old friends ensued. I will post photos when I get my act together! I hadn't seen David Imrie in like 18 years and he's hardly changed. My cousin Carrie kept him entertained. They were a match of wits, indeed. Those remaining few of you who didn't make it out better make it for the wedding! You know who you are....

We also did a lot of wedding prelims: cake tasting, tux fitting, bridesmaids dress try ons, site walk through for the reception, hired a wedding coordinator...what else...yeesh! I'm tired already and there is mucho planning to do. I find myself a little weary of room fees to have a rehearsal dinner: why? Fees to cut cake on top of already furnishing a lovely cake, not bringing our own cases of cool wine: boo! All those things--you get dinged but in the end it's going to be fab.

I love summer.