Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Score

It pays to ask. David saw--and later obtained--the deal of the century just for the asking.

A lonely, stainless steel, six burner commercial oven sat outside of Sound Foods catering space, alongside the building. We rode our bikes from home to there over the weekend. Mustering up the courage, he knocked and asked what the deal was. An hour later we were trucking it home for a steal that bordered on criminal.

It works great and is worth a bundle.

Thank you, fates! Once we de-crustify it, this stainless steel beast is going to be the hub of many fabulous, chef-cooked meals in our future kitchen.


Saturday, August 30, 2008

My 12 year old

I have a 12-year-old now.

Alex is no longer a child-menu eating, reduced movie theatre-going, youth ferry riding kid. He's a little adult! I love the person he is, and the little man he's becoming. Nuff said. Happy Birthday, my love.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dude, he did it again

David completed another triathlon this summer--the heart of the sound. I'm gonna have to get in on this stuff and not be a tri-widow. He makes it look so easy!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Very Vashon Birthday

Zachary turned ten! His wishes for a party included a pizza fest at The Rock, a fishing session at the Tramp Harbor Dock, and a sleeepover at the North End house...all in the company of his five favorite people, and Alex and Nick of course! Ethan was the only one who caught ACTUALLY using his fishing pole, and many other good things were pulled up in the crab nets. Unfortunately we forgot the two keeper crabs in the 5 gallon bucket after arriving home. Doh!

It was a great gathering and we'd do it again.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

SeaFair should be called $eaFare

Remind me next year that SeaFair is best viewed from the log boom on a boat, from a friend's metropolitan view dwelling or on television!

$30 for what?! For the privilege of viewing the racing boats only AFTER walking past 80% of cordoned off (opaque gate screens and all!) private viewing areas? Forget that. Had it not been for great company I would have asked for my money back. I feel sorry for the folks who came a long way just to cough up $120 for a family of four to then be forced to nudge in for a place to sit and view hydros--ON THE LUMPY SLOPED GROUND. No food or drink tix are part of the deal. Beer gardens did not have adequate seating.

The fair/booths/stage areas were mildly interesting. I am happy there were live performances and samples of soap and toothpaste. Darn those Union 76 recyclable bags that were out of stock by the time we got in to claim ours. Ya see? There is a 15% coupon for REI I'll likely use for camping gear. I'm trying to see the positive in this. Oh yeah we made friends with Gene, a cool cat from LA.

Sorry also the U-37 was robbed of its Gold Cup title on a technicality!

Friday, August 01, 2008

Boys who (now) surf

My greatest joy this past weekend was watching both boys get up and surf---yep, right here in Washington. With a little extra effort and patience to get to a wave-laden destination, it is possible to do.

We camped at the upper NW coast and rented the kids' wetsuits en route at Lost Mtn. Even had a "bigfoot" sighting there (LOL). Alex rides "old kahuna" style with both feet kinda parallel and slightly apart, pointing straight to the shore, hands slightly out and up like he's gonna give a heavenly sermon. Zach on the other hand was riding goofy (like me n Dave) and had a nice long ride as his first. He made it look so easy!

We'll be back--just so I can get beyond my frequent wipeouts. When I'm riding more than I'm not, only then have I earned my stripes to sit in the early break. Til then I hang at the late breakers. But maybe I should go to the early break cuz then it buys me more time to negotiate the board.

You know what? Life is good if this is the kind of stuff I'm pondering.