Friday, September 19, 2008

What's new?

There is a huge, gigantic produce sale outside Thriftway going down. I'm so in! Fuji's are .79 per pound under the tent outside. Although I'd like to be all righteous and say I'm going to buy all Vashon-grown produce, there's a time when we must recognize the economy SUCKS, and we need to save bucks (so bring in the produce trucks).

Elsa is moving. Boo. Another cool islander soon to defect. You will be missed. We party first.

Last night David and I (with Kassie and her beau) headed downtown to a client soiree in a very cool landmark club-gone-hotel and it was a lot of fun. A reminder that it is good to get off the island get "Metro" now and again.

Details of the wedding are converging. It is happening. Very exciting stuff! We're registered at REI, Bed Bath and Williams Sonoma just cuz we have friends with diff interests. People have asked "which one do we like best?" LOL David would tell you Williams Sonoma. I'd say REI. BBB is great too, and all we did there was figure out the things in our household that are missing. Some have called and said, "Do you REALLY want those Brita water filters?" (sure we do!) In the end though, we already have everything in life we'll ever need: Love, family, friends, health, and skills!

Thank you again, Dad, for hosting the reception at The Boathouse. That is a dream come true.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Spoiler Alert (my dresses)

I have a scrumptious ivory satin Oleg Cassini gown for the wedding. Click here to see it. After trying on gowns from boutiques in Kirkland to Southcenter, I know that I picked just the perfect one for body type and the degree formality. It is a true classic.

For the reception--during dancing, I realize there is no way on God's green earth I can move about in that get-up. I'd be a tangle of crinoline with feet in the air (from tripping) in no time. So for that, I have this to slip into, made by Dessy, snagged at I Do Bridal in Ballard. This is the kind of dress I can enjoy for other occasions as well.


Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Wedding RSVPs are coming in bunches. It's like Christmas at the mailbox everyday. The vashon mailman must be getting sick of it. If you did not get an invitation and you live up here in the NW, don't think "what the hell?!"Know that the event is in SD, and we will likely do our own post celebration up here after the dust has settled. It's tough to make it down to San Diego and we did not want to put Northwesties out. That's the tricky thing about having a wedding in your faraway hometown--only those in proximity are most likely to attend.'s happening. So soon!

Monday, September 01, 2008

House Hunting

We're finally looking at houses to buy on the island. I love renting, I admit it, but when your landlord is clearly only interested in his bottom line, the whole affair sort of loses its luster. Eventually those downed trees in the back yard, the ever-encroaching shrubbery eating the paths alive, and lack of commitment on a new lease, help in renting a chipper and denial of using the garage have spoken volumes. We care too much about the house; he cares only about holding on to his moolah. It's a landlord thing and because I've never been one I'm sure I can't understand.

So, a few months ago we learned we're golden for a nice size mortgage. We were going to wait til after we were married (in 6 weeks). Last week, we decided, if we can't enjoy where we are, why not try to get into something permanent, because by the time any deal closes, we're not going to be moving til late fall anyhow.

Today we saw one we really liked. It's "on Maury." I remember when I first came to the island looking for rentals, the property managers would preface "Oh, but this one is on Maury..." as if it was a toxic thing, a serious deterrent. It's no big deal unless you're on Gold Beach or deep into the recesses on Dockton-that's when it starts to feel like you're way out there. The place we saw is very proximal and it just feels like home. The other place we saw today was nice, too, on a couple acres but it would depress me, the house part---and to change it would take a while since I'd already be in hawk with a mortgage. So...the Maury one is a definite maybe. I really like it. I could live there. Fruit and nut trees, lots of space, acreage, separate studio, big garage and shop, and other little storage areas. I dig it.

Nice to have the freedom to make such choices.