Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Overnight in Seattle

We played in the city! A spa visit, followed by combat shopping at Pacfic Place, followed by check-in at the Arctic Club Hotel (3rd and Cherry) to a lovely suite, then a delicious dinner at JUNO that included a bottle of Doyenne syrah (my favorite red in the wide world o wines). It was funny how quickly ordering that bottle of wine got us some "culinary street cred" during table service. The hotel has the most comfy beds ever! Oh...and Kiehl's amenities!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Snow in Vashon town

Let's just say holiday shopping on the island was hampered by the weather. But it made for cozy fireside chat!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Vashon's Redneck Sled Encore

We're not saying the people ON the truck liner are rednecks, just the concept of the sled is a bit dixie. It was fun to watch! Hey, it was resourceful!

Alex W broadcasting at 6:30a from 103rd Ave

This what you call a redneck sled

A truck bed liner...genius! Our hill was a Par-Tay!

Bus banked on 103rd; Wanda's truck tagged

Skiing 103rd Ave SW!

First down on the snowboard is David; next is Alex.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Acupuncture begins

I'm willing to go the extra mile to feel my best, so when doc suggested acupuncture I was all for it. Yesterday was my first visit. I saw Eli at Full Circle Wellness and the experience was very positive. I chuckled to myself when I was on the table face down, he unhooked my bra and nearly in the same sentence announced he was going to do a technique called "cupping!" It's not groping, folks; it's a way of loosening fascia on the back! Anyhow....

I feel less achey today and although my back is black-n-blue and sore in that immediate area, the needles went well and I think we're on to something. He also recommended some cool herbs and new, more potent probiotics so I'm pretty optimistic about the whole thing.

Between, Andra DeVoght for PT, Karen Hain for Deep Tissue, and Eli for Acupuncture--I'm delving into all the holistic goodness Vashon has to offer. Ommmmmmmm

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

His balls are THAT big

I just have to share this.

One of the island's most notorious landlords had the audacity recently to try to blame my X--and spread the ill will toward me for divorcing him, for ALLEGEDLY leaving the rental where I once lived in a state of "disrepair" amounting to $12k in (highly exaggerated if not completely fabricated) damages.

I'm sorry, but the bullshit meter has soared off the chart on this steaming pile.

Everything work-wise on that decrepit house was delivered as promised and in completion. If torrential storms take things down, ond one collects FEMA money for damages, one can shell out to fix these things and NOT pin the blame on your former tenants, because they will tell FEMA exactly how you spent the taxpayers' hard earned money--or didn't spend it. Worse is adding to an already bogus list.

How ashamed your daughters would be to know you onced trolled Purdy correctional facility for young vulnerable women whose ages are younger than your offspring, cuz you never know when an inmate will tell her mentor, and when that mentor shares with an island resident, who happens to be me!

Please spare your nastygrams for yourself. The landlord is too well known. Any guess of your top five and he'd be in there.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Lunch at Sound Food!

Dude, there it was! This little beacon of a sandwich board sign outside Sound Foods today that read, "Eat from 11-6." David and I were so there!

We pulled in and joined another table in progress. A chalk board named four items of interest being served: I had the Mac n Cheese (3, 4.50 and $7 sizes--next timed I'd have gone for the gigantic one) and David enjoyed the Chile con Carne with cornbread. The sunlight-filled dining room reminded me of the other times I'd been in, and it felt as though nothing changed.

Except that I actually got my food in a timely manner for once!

They're on to something. Two more tables were sat while we were there.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Our holiday tree

Some might call it a Charlie Brown tree--it really is! Alex was stuck on the notion of our family cutting our own holiday tree. I'm really not partial to either the u-cut or the ready-on-the-lot options, I just knew it was getting late in the game.

This week David and Alex ventured outside and the next thing you know...we have a (scraggly on one side and flush on the other) noble fir. The tree was a sucker to another fir that had it coming. The guys had taken the initiative to fetch it out of the back yard.

We decorated it last night. Certainly we have four times the amount of ornaments needed to over adorn this tree.

So, sorry Vashon Boy Scouts, sorry Kevin Bergin, and sorry Mitchell's, all of whom have had my business in the past in the quest for the ultimate tree. This year, it was all about being downright scrappy. In an economy like this, that's $50 to be spent on a holiday gift for someone else. :)

Saturday, December 06, 2008

December, already?!

I've been a total slacking blogger, and my friends have flat out called me on it!

Let's do this!
The photo is taken from just two nights ago. English Beat frontman Dave Wakeling (pictured with us) performed a rather clandestine acoustic set for the 40 of us who squished into the The Studio at Hotel 10000 on 1st and Madison. The man--still after all these years--has an amazing voice. He strummed on the guitar, has a sax man at his side. He interacted with the audience and when the show was over I bid on 8p concert tix in which the proceeds went to charity. Although I couldn't attend the night's full on band concert at the Showbox--I did get in a couple pix and Kassie smacked his ass good so he took one for the team! He played "Save it for later" as the last song for me -- the one I'd been requesting song after song. Really fun.

Leaving the hotel at the Valet station, another Vashonista was strolling by on 1st and spotted us--it was Stephen from the Wine Shop, looking handsome in his tam. Love running into Vashonistas on the city side!

So...let's back up.
As you know, David is now my fabulous husband. I have a highly compatible partner and it's awesome to have such a talent, love, hard worker, athlete all in one man.

October 31- Halloween is all about the kids: Zach was a psycho ward attendant and Alex was Rudy Giuliani. Alex does not recommend trick or treating at Gold Beach.

Nov - We were fixing to buy a house, got halfway through negotiations and realized that construction hours had suddenly vaporized, changing our comfort zone and qualification. Clearly, NOW was not the time and the transaction ceased. We remain renting on the North End in the same house and you's fine.

Thanksgiving was epic because dad drove up from San Diego and I co-conspired with my brother to fly him out from Hawaii as a surprise. Brion's was a night flight so by the time I ferried him back to the house, dad was sound asleep. I woke him up and he was absolutely floored (a-that I could keep it secret, and b-that we'd go to such lengths!).

David is now in the kitchen (evenings) at The Hardware Store. He enjoys being out in front with people again, although he misses working with Brad/Andy Shride. As the hours and projects return on the island, maybe there will be morning oppotunities. Now is NOT a great time for construction; it's just the economy. At the restaurant, he gets to rock his Spanish with some of the crew--a challenge he enjoys.

Now we're getting ready for Christmas, but don't even have our tree! I am just not feeling the season yet. I know that's bad.

Still fighting increasing aches and pains which I hold firm are long term degenerative effects of a serious reaction to antibiotics I was given in Aug 2007. Not a fan of fluoroquinolones (Levaquin!) to say the least. I just have to treat what I am left with, which is joint pain, joint cracking, back/neck/head ache, rt side abdominal pain, twitching, foot/achilles tendon pain, fast heartbeat, insomnia, and tears from chronic pain...and oh goodie, weight gain. NO SHIT--all of these! My formerly model-skinny body is now what I define as Scandinavian sturdiness--the kind where you still look hot enough in a dress, but you're strategizing on what to play down/up.

I'm doing as much holistic work as possible and pray it will get better.
All I want for my 40th birthday is my perfect health back.