Saturday, January 31, 2009

Nick learns to ski...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sad Day for SD Chargers!

Well, I screamed at the TV as loudly as I could, but the Chargers STILL couldn't pull through! Cheers for the great effort the team endeavored over the season, though. Normally I can't sit through a football game, but I made the exception late this afternoon.

Ski School has commenced and chaperoning is a lot of fun. Good kids. There's always that one or two superhyper kids on the way home that tanks out on Red Bulls and makes a jackass of himself. But it's a really great opportunity for all the island kids to get up the hill and play in the snow.

Sue Edwards treated the boys to a Toys r Us extravaganza, true to the godmotherly generosity she showers on them (and David and I). We enjoyed a great lunch in Silverdale at this Asian and sushi place called Origami. Yum! Thanks sue-b!

And so a new week begins!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

More snow!

Kat and I went to see a 4:15 movie; by the time we finished watching, there was a thick layer of snow coating Seattle's downtown! By the time I got her as far up 5th Ave North as my car would allow, my Toyota crawled along 99 North in driving snow with a caravan of freaked out drivers (like me!).

I made it through the carnage to the island. 103rd Ave SW had a stuck SUV at the upper crest, just north of 116th on the steep beginning. Fresh, swerved tracks on the descent led directly to our mailbox, which had been gently hit (you're welcome for the ditch prevention--whoever you are!) and the mailbox now shall be named the Leaning Tower of Snail Mail.

Please, snow, melt tonight so I can get the car to the driveway tomorrow, instead of a half block down. -h

Friday, January 02, 2009

Scenes from a Vashon NYE Party

Krista and Jeremy, your house is gorgeous!

I knew it was going to be fun when Krista prefaced her invitation with the request to the effect of: "you must dress hot, not like you are on Vashon, men this means NO CARHARTTS."

The women came out swingin'; the guys, well...Ken Zaglin got an A+++ and his tux compensated for those few guys who could not rise to the occasion of shedding the canvas workwear and flannels (and baseball caps!). LOL

Nice people, great party. Thank you.