Friday, May 29, 2009

Our first egg!

Guess what?! We got our first egg today. And it was white...which would lead me to believe this came from one of the Pearl White Leghorns. In the lower photo you'll see the egg and a ping pong ball; D put that in there to start the party, so to speak and lo and behold that was the nestbox where the egg was laid. We've got all the birds named now: Alice, Heather (Alex named), Luke, Darth (those came from Zachy), and Lucy and Mel (from D n me). The egg was delicious!

Afro-Brazilian dance class on Vashon

This woman teaches a rockin class! I'm having fun. See that lady in the pink? That's me...okay it's not really me, I'm just kidding ya. I'm not quite that old yet.
Join me!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Just the WAX, mam! (encore)

There is some BAD INFORMATION out there on body waxing, including Brazilian Waxing. I am here to set the record straight, not to be a weirdo or misquoted or misconstrued (although some people would love that). It's not for everyone, but it sure eliminates some hassles. Here goes.

The straight dope is this:
1. It does feel better during mano-a-womano contact.
2. It does look nice (aerially speaking) not having a "crotch fro:" uh, not that I did in the first place!
3. It IS resassuring that some wayward hair doesn't decide to do the "HEY THERE!" peek-a-boo out the side of the bikini.
4. A Brazilian doesn't mean all the hair goes--some B-Waxes can leave a little some-some behind, like a triangle, or a letter shape, a "Hitler" tuft, whatever! It's okay to remind yourself you're a grownup not fulfilling some sicko pervy man's pre-teen fantasy.
5. It is expensive: $50-70 at WaxOn Spa in Seattle depending on the -beavage- (did I just say that?)
6. It does hurt for a brief and fleeting "Phweeep!" Tweezers for the stragglers are a killer
7. It's all out there during the visit--show no shame and let the pros at it.
8. Tip well, these folks are in a place even the Gyno doesn't stay long--and making way less $
9. Wash before visiting. Nuff said.
10. If you hate it, baby it grows back like all the other hair on your bod.

Zach. Dog Bite. Bottom lip torn into two.

There's nothing quite as nauseating and heart-wrenching as seeing your child bleeding and in pain. I feel for the parents out there whose kids have been seriously burned or maimed. This doesn't even come close to that, and yet I still got this horrible panicky feeling when I saw Zach on the clinic table having his bottom, canine-custom-butterflied lip sewn back into one piece. It was a total accident. Zach is a gentle boy who would never provoke a dog. It was just one of those freaky things that went from two kids playing croquet to a sleeping dog suddenly rousing up--maybe having a case of stranger danger? or protecting his young resident--and in a split second creating what the X called a "reverse hairlip" outta Zach's perfect pouty lower lip.

I don't even know the name of the doc/nurse who did it--but she was masterful and Zach just lay there quietly and still, with big tears streaming down his face.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Low tide days!

We geoducked again and hit pay dirt! The only downer was a crotchety old man who took it upon himself to YELL at us for not owning property on the beach upon which we were digging; fronting the very place I rented for some years. Some of the current renters are still friends of mine. Sigh. The WDFW law is dubious and confusing but I contend we were not -technically- at all on his private tidelands. He was about ready to whack me with his cane, if he could head out that far...but he left us alone in time and just WATCHED from his distant stoop. This was a family affair, and no damage was being done. We love the AINA. We even bury our holes and you know darn well the tides gonna wash it into oblivion all the same!

Note to self: When I'm old and crotchety and own waterfront property, I won't yell at nice families trying to celebrate low tide.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The birds have "landed!"

Chickens are here! They're so cool and bizarro. They love their awesome coop. Of course they's the lifestyles of the glamorous hens. Here's a scene from getting them as Mickey at the post office checked em through, and Zach carried them to their new home.

Snorkel Stove is in!

This thing ROCKS. David built a really cool platform just beyond the garden. We purchased this (barely used!) from a Bremerton lady. Assembled it, filled 'er up, Wood. Water. Hot tub, Snorkel Stove style is done! Even though it's a Tacoma-based company, we first saw this at a buddy's in Trinity Co., Ca (Dickaroo!). They are every bit as great and prettier than the plastic fantastic relics of the 80s, and look ma, no electricity!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

You mean you didn't want to see my panties?

I should have known when the acupuncturist was putting a sheet on the already made massage table that it was for me to get UNDER...but for some reason I figured he was just re-dressing the table. So when excused himself just after he told me, "face down on the table, everything but your panties..." I did exactly that. I thought, "Gosh I hope I have good underwear on today"...LIKE AN IDIOT.

He comes back in, and gasps.
"Hey! You didn't get under the sheet!"
me: You didn't tell me to!

him: Why did you think I put the sheet down?
me: I thought you were re-dressing the table.

him: You're making me blush, get under the sheet.
me: Tell me about it, and here I was worrying about what panties you were gonna see.

We laughed it off. The panties were like the ones in this photo (not my bod!).

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Beautiful People Everywhere

Is it wrong that I find myself gazing into the very souls of strangers sometimes? I wonder about their lives, their losses, and their passions. I wonder if the kind face I'm staring at is truly as kind inside as it looks on the outside. At an intersection, at a party, on the ferry I do this thing where I lock in and observe for an uncomfortable amount of time, and the person has no idea I'm dong a full court assessment based on little more than verbal cues and the look in their eyes. I know I'm a quick study. I also know there are times when you just wanna throw your boots across the river and break the chain of silence to approach conversation.

It's easy to hide from the world, too. But why? Too many cool people in this world!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Learning to swim (the right way)

When I started dealing with chronic pain, found out I had some back issues and got the second opinion of a neurologist (a friend's dad) who checked out my MRI, the all-around best recommendation for working out was to swim.

All my life I've loved being in the water and started swimming at an early age. I just didn't want to get in a pool full of serious swimmers and be the dork who was doing the sloppy swimming.

Being the information addict I admit to being, my quest was to learn from someone I could trust, who'd be patient, and was a pro. Dayna Rogers has taken me to task (and I her!) and these days the Vashon Athletic Club pool has become my frequented spot. Lucky for me I learned I have some ability and have ascended quickly through her thoughtful lessons.

Once I get past the breathing mastery, the rest will be gravy. Dayna is bringing me new challenges with each progression. I am very grateful to her and recommend her to anyone who wants to improve on their stroke. I'm doing it!

Friday, May 01, 2009

The Hives

David did a "pulse check" yesterday, and the bees are bee-having like they should!