Friday, September 11, 2009

Camping in NW Washington

David and I discovered during our Sept vacation that we camp well together, and that all of our REI wedding registry gifts ROCKED. Thank you for those who know who you are. We ate like royalty, having culled delicacies from Hood Canal just prior to our departure; I've never seen so many clams, so easy to collect and so delicious. Those fishing licenses in Washington really pay off. Go get yourself one.

Our travels:
Mora campsite - foresty, lush, great foraging
Kalaloch campsite - a breezy beach bluff, nice beach walks
La Push - fun waves, surfing, the least desirable campsites but...a store nearby. Bring a foldout grill and all fire supplies. Even bring TP for the bathrooms behind the store. You'll need it (and the honeybucket closer to the camp, well, as Jim Carrey once said--"Do NOT go in there!").
Klahowya - it was mosquito city along the river, so we didn't even spend the night. The sites were very pretty on the high bank, though, immersed in a light forest.
Olympic Hot Springs - did you know there are REAL -free- (after park entrance fees) ones you can hike up to in Oly national park? They are no longer maintained but they're still bubbling up--sulphuric, hot, gritty and fun!
Heart of the Hills - pretty. Cozy, lush campsites. Lots of weekend warriors from suburbia camp out here in packs. They are loud. They love their trucks and cars and camping lite. Great hiking for wild mushrooms.
Hobuck by Neah Bay - a big, flat grass field where ya just set up. We got a killer spot in the trees off to the margin. The waves are fun. We watched a Surfrider gathering and lots of folks learning to surf. David was my personal surf coach. The white wash is a bitch to get through on a tank of a longboard. For me, anyway!

We had an amazing time. Can't wait to bring the kids for the next one.