Friday, December 11, 2009

Vashon C of C - seriously?

Wednesday, The Little House owner Bettie Edwards commented at a C of C board meeting that she'd been pigeonholed as a "micromanager" and "harrasser" because in recent emails, she tenaciously asked for a budget breakout of the Open House expenditures. What she got was a response that said $X for this, and $X for everything else." Not exactly a breakout right? So when she continued to ask for a REAL breakout, she was marginalized as a nitpicker. During the meeting, defensive replies ensued, and Bettie welcomed anyone to inquire about the email threads; she'd be happy to share.

Guess what? I just read them. Wow.
My summary: Transparency is trumped by arrogance.

I am so embarrassed for a business whose nonprofit tagline reads "For the Greater Good." Last time I checked, nonprofits represent underserved concerns that certainly fall through the cracks in the interest of the greater good. The greater good smacks of "you'll take it, and you'll like it." Kind of like saying "tough shit." So, I guess for Bettie, the email replies she got from this company rep really applied, because on behalf of her nonprofit membership (I'm talking C of C) she certainly didn't get answers, just namecalling.

I, too, am a member of the Chamber. I, too, have a question: since when are members not allowed to see where their money goes, all the way from soup to nuts? This is a nonprofit concern. Every penny must be accounted and categorized for the IRS, so why the heck don't members have the right to see that? Show me the money, baby. I want to know if we're in the red; I want to know if a certain budget is being blown, or is supporting a highly lucrative initiative, so that as member, we can make informed decisions on where to go next.

Bettie, thanks for sticking your neck out. If you'd let me publish the email thread, I do it in a hot second. I am mortified that you were treated that way, embarrassed that we have busybodies posing as professionals (and attempting to condescend with a thinly veiled job title), and that C of C members will never get the transparency they seek. Also, if you've established your own by-laws that say the budget will be done in December, the clock is ticking. Git 'er dun!

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