Sunday, April 25, 2010

Amy Nelson's Prom Party

Everybody loves Amy, including me. How can you not?! She's friendly, cute, energetic, upbeat and works her ass off at The Hardware Store restaurant. She has many friends from her Island roots and teaching a spin class (which I hear is quite rigorous---my touche dares not go there!).

She turned 30 and her pops rented out The Sportman's Club for a prom themed party. She was decked in a magenta, sequin bodiced mini tutu style THING FROM THE 80s. David sported a tux and was the hottest thing there (in my completely biased opinion).

By midnight, the dancefloor was transformed into a disco roller rink when a fellow brought roller skates for all.

We had a blast!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Last of the ski season

Crystal Mountain on its sunny, slushy last day was a blast. Friends Sue and Jim hosted an overnight at Alta Crystal Resort and we hit the mountain Sunday. There were sales, there was a downhill bikini-n-boardshorts contest which culled huge crowds of oglers, and the sun blazed its wrath into Alex's cheeks. Oddly, both boys wore 48 spf and Zach remained unscathed but not so for Al. A trip down Spook Hill proved a little too challenging for Zach, where he tumbled and now is in a wrist brace for the next two weeks.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

We walked for MS

Trish and I started a team, Vashon Island People with MS. (VIP - MS) Trish jokes that it's Vashon Island PMS--those who get a monthly visit will appreciate this joke! Anyhow, the Monday prior to the Sunday walk I posed the question to Trish:

So, whadya think...wanna walk for MS?

Sure, let's do it.

I'll go set up our team...

We were honored to have Valerie Manusov walking and fund raising like there was no tomororw. We had walker support from Trish's boys. My loving David. Kassie! When Leah tripped over her chihuahua and fractured her face--she had to bow out (I know, right?! Still has black eyes 2 wks later). One week later, we raised $4400!

Post edit: In July 2010, I woke up at Trish's house one night, and she didn't. Our dear friend left this earth on July 24, leaving behind two boys and many grieving friends. It's been months and I'm really still not over it. Maybe I never will be. Treasure each day. I'm so glad we did this walk.