Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Bee Management on Vashon

Vashon loves its bees. This is good. For such a little population, it seems like there are more beekeepers per capita than many communities. David has brought his savvy management of bees not only to our household but also to non beekeepers on the island who find themselves with honeybees or yellowjackets they didn't plan on having in or outside of their homes.

Throughout the late spring and summer, people have called for a hand, and David has answered the call several times, handling several scenarios:

-Housing a swarm high up in a tree, at the end of an extension ladder
-Housing swarms in general
-Removing yellow jackets (indoors), complete with paneling from the inside of a house for access
-Removing honeybees (indoors), similar scenario, and plugging holes/entranceways to the house
-Ditto for bumblebees inside one's house. By the way, all removals have been chemical-/pesticide-free (David says "anyone can come in there and spray, but it doesn't benefit anyone.")
-Splitting honeybee hives
-Inspecting for hive health
-Mentoring new beekeepers who need help with hive management

This is a man who has a day job (beekeeping is a hobby), but if you find yourself in need of bee help on the island, I'm just putting his phone number right here: 916-214-1889 so you can call him directly.

Check out this removal video here.

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