Monday, February 28, 2011

Closing a chapter

Today at work, half the staff worked their very last day. I was one of them. Although it was a layoff, it was well timed for me to pursue the things I've long wished. There were 2011 affirmations to freelance. As if the angels parted the clouds themselves, a pink slip descended from the ether and freed me to move on out to greener pastures and outta the concrete jungle at 7th and Stewart. Tethered to the secure paycheck, no time would ever have been a good time. Nearly seven years have passed since I jumped on the 9-5 at Wilson PR. Three years prior to that, the firm was my freelance client. This afternoon it's come full circle.

I have watched PR morph greatly. I have watched people morph greatly. I work with order, A-Z expectations, on deadlines and I expect the full attention of those on my team. If they are not present, they will fail, the whole team will fail. I have found/realized my threshhold for dysfunction. It is so exciting to me to go back and dive into work that is dependent strictly on my merits as the freelancer.

To stay relevant, one must be constantly soaking up new knowledge. I'm a soaker. Now I have a little more time to do just that. Right now, baby chicks are waiting for me at home to nurture.