Friday, March 11, 2011

Busy sans 9-5

How is it that without a traditional work schedule I find myself busier than ever?

It seems there are emails to answer, volunteer tasks to attend, freelance opps to field, and 35 baby chicks in a brooder in my living room chirping away (in addition to the 14 out back, whose eggs I need to collect)!

And there's swimming. Yeah! For my health I continue building endurance in the pool at our wee local club with a 20 y pool. It keeps my twitches at bay--somehow those endorphins are better at fending them than any anti-spasmodic or anti-seizure med can perform. Yesterday I swam for about 45 mins, and I did a warm up with pulls (400 y), two broken out sets of slow-going side drills (400 y), backstroke (200 y) which also gets my heart going, and 4-200s of freestyle (800 y). I still really need to pump up the cardio, bit by bit. I find myself cruising and not turbo'ing.

Keep in mind in the grand scheme, I'm still "new" to lap swimming. This was only picked up in adulthood at age 40. I was not a swim team kid. I played on the beaches in Cali. I'd tread water and paddle to catch waves. That is all. So I got my ass handed to me a couple weeks ago doing 200s on the 4 min mark--I was working out with two awesome ladies who compete--after already having swam for 45 mins on my own. We first did a 600y warm up. Then the 200 sets. Halfway through a quicker-than-normal pace, I started getting "pins-and-needle hands," which I learned is classic hyperventilation. I guess I was shorting myself of oxygen by getting a little too aerobic. So the trick for me is getting the bod ramped up but not overworked. I'm close to doing a five-set of these on the 4s with comfort now. But it's still a good cardio fest. I swim for most of it and take a teensy break rather than swimming fast and taking a long break in between. TMI, but newer swimmers like me will appreciate it.

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