Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Of Costa Rica and Rosetta Stone

On our last trip to San Diego, David and I sought out that screaming yellow kiosk at C Gate in Seatac, with the express purpose of obtaining the Rosetta Stone Latin American Spanish. Success! It took longer than I thought to arrive, but it isn't like we are shipping off to Costa Rica soon...well, we plan a winter vacation there soon!

Ever since we took out Costa Rica trip, we have really wanted to go back again, only this time with the kids and a little more Spanish on the vocab. You can manage pretty well there om English alone, especially the Caribbean side, but it lifts limits of expression having that edge of bilingualism. David does well with his vocab of Spanish, but this is a game changer. Zachary now takes Spanish in ninth grade so together we reached critical mass to justify the full Rosetta Stone package.

The best thing about getting back from Costa Rica was meeting our next door neighbors, who had just moved back to their Vashon home from Costa Rica! They have given us insights and we will visit their tropical home in Guanacaste soon. As a very long term retirement goal. That may be the destination. Doubting any form of social security will exist in 30 years, we have only our nest eggs to rely on and that egg goes much further down south. Until then I am working hard!

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Vashon, the ink has not flowed...

Forgive me lurkers, for I have not posted in many moons. I need to keep the momentum!

So much is new. Nearly a year ago I joined the marketing team for a hardworking Northwest wine producer and everything since has been a blur! Then there was shoulder surgery - a clavicle resection, bone spurs knocked off and a the tiniest little cleanup on a torn biceps tendon at e end of June. My workouts suffered, The skinny jeans are working overtime to compensate and a new gym membership closer to job has enabled exercise in the schedule again. I am more than halfway thru several months of physical therapy and will soon begin using my arms in the pool again.

David built a kit greenhouse and the tomatoes (and everything really) are going bonkers. He harveststed honey from the beehives this month, what a treat!

A few chickens have come and gone at the Casa de Hot Tub. The usual raccoon carnage -- and many of those monsters met their end, too.

 The house we have leased seemingly forever at said Casa saw our landlord default on his loan in January -- our rent was pocketed for several months-- and the property fell back to HIS private lender. Along with that went our 1400. 00 deposit and I think, "where is the justice in the damn world?!" New landlord who used to own the house in the first place raised the rent and in our third failed attempt to meet accord on the sales price of this home (we are more than qualified to own this), the plan is to giddy up. Pulling up anchor to find a new Casa of our own on the Island is the next mission.

With the boys now both in high school this year, the reality that they'll soon be off to college is weighing on me. You just don't realize how quickly time flies until it has already flown!
More to come!

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