Sunday, July 28, 2013

Vashon Island Queen Honeybees for Sale

My humble and talented husband, David, successfully raised his first group of Russian hybrid queen bees after attending Susan Cobey's WSU queen-rearing workshop. He's been a great steward of honeybees on the Island, helping others learn to keep bees and also securing "foster homes" for hives and wayward housed swarms.

This is the first time he's pursued a return on investment in the form of raising and selling queen honeybees, but these ladies are from a prolific, vigorous Russian hive he's stewarded for some time. They are hardy, scrappy, and gorgeous and will serve local beekeepers well. You've heard of locavore in food circles, and in the beekeeping world getting local survivor stock is a highly coveted asset.

Fresh from the mating yard on Vashon there are 11 from which to peruse and choose if you're in the area and need to bolster your hive with a full nuc, or just re-queen before winter. Details are on his beekeeping blog.

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