Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Rarely EVER on a winter's day....

Will you find me doing a swim workout in Puget Sound when the water is 46 degrees. But on this Christmas Eve morning, I did just that. Mary Robinson and Rebecca Lamphear are my Dilworth swim buddies and back when I was freelancing, this was a regularly occurring workout!

Not gonna lie. It was really, really cold. I did Rebecca's regular distance, which if it's a straight perfect line is 1.75 miles from Dilworth community beach to Glen Acres and back. We had the extra resistance of a changing tide on the way back and my core temp was way down by the time I staggered out. A hot shower and cups of coffee later, I was good as new!

Always grateful for my swimmy pals! Perfect holiday treat on a day off from the grind.

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