Friday, February 07, 2014

"The Taxi" is taxing these days....

King County Water Taxi, you have failed me three times this week (almost four).

After a post-work swim at Seattle Athletic Club, I dashed for the 6:30p Mon. Because I use every spare minute of my workweek, I failed to get your all-too-short-notice text when I showed up at the dock...with WET hair....because I WAS IN THE POOL when you fired it off. I got to walk four blocks to a cramped standing only bus ride all the way to Fauntleroy, sprint for the boat and sigh.

Then I felt for the working class turned away on the Vashon dock at 7:10a because the 12th Man joined in the commuting fun. Yippee for the West Seattle people, who had plenty of Water Taxis from which to choose. That was a shitshow for every ferry commuter in the Sound, though.

Thursday night (last night), a new disappointment: cancelled due to mechanical issues. Oh, but for those basking in below freezing temps waiting for the (only alternate) C line bus, the buses were too full, so we were left behind for the next and froze our sorry commuter asses off. I finally jumped on a 120 to Westwood Village and power-walked my pathetic self to Fauntleroy - a solid mile +.

Cherry on top: Friday, another cancellation of service. So I drove in. Later that day a text arrives to inform water taxi Vashonites the boat is back in service for 4:30 (a little late now!). But then another text pops up to inform all the 6:30p has been cancelled....(KC's way of saying "psych!").

What do we believe? How can we trust our commute? There are lives beyond this schedule. Plans, families, hopes and intentions. This needs a big fix. This can't happen anymore.

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