Monday, May 19, 2014

Costa Rica...can't stop, won't stop!

David and I did a quick spring fling trip to CR...again. It's just such a wonderful place!

The airfare was right and our neighbors on Vashon made it possible for us to stay at their place at Playa Negra, Guanacaste (that, by the way, they rent FOR A SONG practically via VRBO - Casa Ventana Del Mar).

The ocean temp is 86 F. Come on! The food is wholesome. The people are nice. Just lock up your stuff like you would anyplace. The theme of the trip was beach, and more beach. We drove to Playa Guiones and stopped at points in between, just doing beach reconn. My recommendation to anyone is to rent a car and fly into Liberia if you're staying on the gold coast side. Dollar was a fair shake and we had a good vehicle with surf racks.

Here's a great photo of David surfing at Playa Negra!

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