Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Mermaiden Voyage - what a fun swim!

This swim happened Sunday...and it was so awesome!

It's rare with this hard-pressed, commuter work life that I am privileged to sync up with all my favorite open water swim ladies on the island for a fun swim, but this weekend was perfectly timed. Ann White hatched a plan for a long swim from the boat launch of La Playa down the northeast side of Vashon to Dilworth beach/point. Six swimmers (in the photo you'll see me, kayaker Kerri, Ann, Amy, Lise, Martha, Rebecca and kayaker Dana) and two assist kayaks made it possible.

Here's the route (mostly coastal, one good harbor crossing).

The sun came out, the tide was low and on its way back in, conditions were pretty gentle (some rough water mid way - swallowed plenty of seawater for the first time; a little resistance approaching Glen Acres) and water visibility was great. There are lots of healthy sea stars out there!

After 6k/3.75 miles of swimming I was a little sore in the glutes, triceps and lats the next day, but minimal wet suit chafe for me. I was one of the lucky ones. The 12c/55-degree water was not bad at all wearing a (second-hand purchase) Zoot Prophet wet suit for nearly three hours of swimming!

It was a great validation that all that summer training paid off. Let's do another one!

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