Sunday, April 12, 2015

Rolling with it

If Stas Kudla (my island naturpath) were to read my astrology chart for this year, I'm sure he'd tell me 2015 was the year the shit hit the fan. Paraphrased, of course, because he's too much of a gentleman to say such things. That man is about to get busy with his needles on me. He works small miracles--once eradicating a string of summer "classic" migraines (translation: with aura) in a single visit. I digress.

2015. The nest emptied quickly and abruptly...and in good faith, temporarily. Both my parents landed in the hospital or in surgery just weeks apart for different--essentially life and death---reasons. Work became intensified by scaling production and just one of me to hold the load for PR. I have this innate "take action" quality about me for better or worse. Staying still is not my strong suit. I can only be a leader and "crisis averter" for so long. In some cases I really made a difference. In other cases I realize I need to stand back, watch the train crash and let people learn the long, slow (could-have-been-prevented-if-you'd-just-listened-just-to-me) hard way. That lesson has been tough on me.

Now my own health has started to relapse. I turn my focus to getting it back. I'm currently in radiology purgatory, knowing more tests are needed, figuring out through further studies which of the -pings- ID'd  is causing my face to go numb every 10 minutes for the past month, working through an incessant neck and low grade pressure headache. What's behind that ultrasound, and that mri? So I wait.

Another lesson in all of it is that things will eventually resolve one way or another. Life is too short. I just love and cherish all my family and friends. I stay close. I don't build self-imposed walls. I can only fix or affect so much and the rest is up to other powers. I reel back the tentacles in trying to tackle everything.

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