Sunday, November 01, 2015

Back in Open Water

Halloween Day at Alki, the perfect spooky day kinda swim. For all the rain, wind and bumpy water, the WWOWS had quite a nice Saturday morning turnout. Many came in costume. One of the swimmers carved a lovely pumpkin, even daring to plunge in the water and attempt to swim in it briefly as a pumpkin-head mask. Kate and Diana joined for my "baptismal" reorientation swim.

It was my first swim since surgery. There is one incision spot that still doesn't quite feel closed; it's where the drain was and where the resident seemed to fumble in her attempt to dislodge it--it really hurt when it was happening and it's still a trouble spot. It stung in the salt water, but then went numb in the cold. After a month of not using those body muscle groups, and in a rather bumpy swim, we did a coastal course out to a few houses shy of the lighthouse. Conditions were getting really messy the further west we swam. People on their Alki balconies watched us swim past, some waved.

Another swimmer reported that out near the lighthouse there was some sort of animal carcass, like a dead seal decomposing. That was enough to turn him around. Here are some shots!

Kate and pumpkinhead Diana

After the swim, celebrating with pumpkin.
I always have a blast swimming with these fearless, beautiful, funny athletic women.

This guy (or gal) was going for it on the other side of the point!

Melissa getting in; we all eventually swam our courses!
She is training for the English Channel and goes in skins.
Most of us really weren't ready for this shot. Yikes.

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