Saturday, June 25, 2016


I've always tried to be a fair, rational and even generous person. There will always be totally irrational people in this world who, rather than reason and invite discourse or compromise (due to discomfort, greed or some other insecurity), will overstep boundaries, unjustly take what is not theirs, lie, and try to justify their actions.

When my judgment day comes, I will die knowing that I tried consciously to live justly, honestly (likely to a fault), lovingly and that I always tried to give more than I took from this world. Life is not fair in general. There will always be charlatans. Abusers. Bullies. Liars. Cowards. People on the take. Those who would even distort truths for pity, financial gain or ego. I never had the expectation that just because I can lie on my back, someone else should put a roof over my head and feed me (or my offspring). I have always worked hard - either employed in the corporate world or self-employed. I followed rules and laws. I finished college while working hefty hours. Paid my share of taxes and not laid claim to someone else's. Didn't pretend to earn less to pose as a victim in the system. Never defrauded others. Never got lost in drinking, tobacco or drug abuse, or used it as a daily crutch. I've loved my children to the end, even when it felt less than reciprocated. I'm also not about to say my sins are more righteous than another's, or that I haven't put the hurt on someone by my actions of going my own way or saying what I feel with blatant honesty, but I am saying I've never tried to consciously screw another over for a piece of their pie or hurt someone for sport.  I've tried to do the right thing.

Doing things the right way isn't necessarily the easy way. But try. Make the effort. Don't cop out. Don't make excuses or throw someone under the bus because you're too afraid to face an uncomfortable situation.

I'm standing tall and strong. There is nothing to fear when you live honestly. Since when has an uphill effort ever stopped me before? Capricorn, rising.

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