Friday, July 08, 2016

Burn, Baby, Burn (calories from swimming)

I'm not racing in Fat Salmon this year; I'll be pouring wine in a vineyard far from Seattle in the blazing sun. And it'll be fun! Some of my friends are racing though, and yesterday we did a (close enough) trial run for someone who's yet to swim the course. Her time is totally within the "not going to get yanked" limits.

Anytime I swim more than 3k in a spell (about an hour depending on conditions), hunger sets in like crazy! Needless to say after 5100 yards yesterday morning I was ready to EAT MY HAND. I burned more calories than I consumed for sure; 925 of them on this swim alone, apparently.

Here's the course mapped out from the very cool gizmo my husband bought me last year. The timer was on through the breaks and course comments, so times are a little quicker for just swimming.

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