Monday, July 25, 2016

I learned to row (still much learning to do!)

Over the weekend I attended the Adult Learn-to-Row camp offered by the Vashon Island Rowing Club. What a cool experience! I may have had too much fun for the instructors' tastes but it was great.

The first day, being a total NUBE/greenhorn, myself and others got cozy with the rowing machine to ERG, learned the "three Ps" (depending on who you asked this stood for power, patience, posture and/or persistence), and then rowed in a quad. The second day the wind kicked up and lots of boaters were out, making our adventure in the "eight" livelier, but we alternated seating with master rowers. This made it easier to shadow the rhythmic moves. I followed Margaret, who is exactly my height and build - she makes it look so graceful and easy. I whiffed twice and "caught crabs" a couple times but also felt the satisfaction of getting in nice, long, perfectly synched sweeps. That part I loved!

Camp wrapped up with an invitation to row with the masters. Although I'd like to commit to masters, the recreational rowing on Fridays sounds like the ticket for me because I'm busy with swimming and open water events! One day, maybe. 

The muscles, they ached but only for a day: hamstrings, groin/hip flexers, a little in the deltoid area. My shoulder, with its scar tissue, took a bruising from hefting the boats back out of the water. I will need to work on that finesse. Thanks to VIRC Coach Richard Parr and the Masters volunteers for an awesome weekend!

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