Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Alexander abroad

So many great stories. So much to share. He's kicking ass. That is all for now.

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Monday, September 19, 2016

San Diego bound again

This month I will have spent more time in California than in Washington State. That doesn't preclude me from being a productive freelancer (have internet, will work!). What it means is that I'm damn lucky to have time and latitude to help out both of my parents when they need me the most. Earlier this month (Aug. 30, actually) my pops had heart surgery that will hopefully keep his ticker from clotting and provoking stroke (again), It's been good to help sort through a medical system's bureaucracy for him/with him. Much squawking is needed lest you be ignored.

My mom, who has been hobbling around the better part of this summer with a fractured knee and torn meniscus (no thanks to her neighborhood grocery store that didn't keep its floors free of chicken grease in the deli) finally has reduced swelling enough to get her knee surgery, so I'm back down again this week to be her runner/helper. She hates missing any work even though she is forced to extremely limited duty with her injuries. I wish she didn't have to work at all, given the painful circumstances she's in, but that's how she affords San Diego. She's not the sugar daddy-seeking type and never would sacrifice her independence for a roof over her head. Gotta work!

It's also bittersweet farewell this year as the house that has been the family Coronado pad goes up for sale...as was the instruction of the estate my grandpa set up so long ago. It's officially on the market now. If I had the money to buy it I certainly would--although I don't think family members are allowed to buy it even if I DID have funds like that hanging around. Lotto fantasies would have me remodeling it, putting a garden in the back and making sure it never turned into a hideous mega house or townhouse like so much of the island became over the last few decades. I'll be in the old house for what may be my very last stay there if it sells soon...and in Hillcrest. After that, no shame in hotels!

There's something magical about the beaches in San Diego, but there is NO LOVE for the wasteland mentality that has washed over So Cal. Without conservation and environmentalism, this zone is going to hell in a hand basket...and fast.

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Monday, September 12, 2016

Alcratraz conquered again!

Swimming to the City from Alcatraz never gets old. It's a different swim each time and even though this year looked calm the currents were just as tough as always. I think of the currents like the old Atari game of Frogger; for a time it sweeps east to west, then the opposite, then you push like hell to get into the "needle eye" of aquatic park. This year was much colder than last, and I don't even try to swim it without a wet suit. I was 90 seconds behind my finish time last year, still crossing in the top third overall (m/f) and the top 25% of women. 45 minutes and 16 seconds. Very solid time!  Our Lake WA swim gang made another fun trip together and it did not disappoint. I have much gratitude to swim and socialize with such a smart, funny, healthy and adventurous group. Here's to more!

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Thursday, September 01, 2016

Don't worry, about a thing.

One down; two to go.
I love how the universe strikes back exactly the way it should.
I'm putting good out there and good is coming back.
Thank you, almighty!

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