Monday, September 12, 2016

Alcratraz conquered again!

Swimming to the City from Alcatraz never gets old. It's a different swim each time and even though this year looked calm the currents were just as tough as always. I think of the currents like the old Atari game of Frogger; for a time it sweeps east to west, then the opposite, then you push like hell to get into the "needle eye" of aquatic park. This year was much colder than last, and I don't even try to swim it without a wet suit. I was 90 seconds behind my finish time last year, still crossing in the top third overall (m/f) and the top 25% of women. 45 minutes and 16 seconds. Very solid time!  Our Lake WA swim gang made another fun trip together and it did not disappoint. I have much gratitude to swim and socialize with such a smart, funny, healthy and adventurous group. Here's to more!

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