Thursday, December 01, 2016

We live and swim in nature

If I posted photos from all the open water swims I did, or took photos of all the swims from my OW groups, I wouldn't have time to go swim!

So, Dilworth Mermaids aka Whulgers, Notorious Alki Swimmers, Hidden Beach crew and Pine Lake Meetup pals of yore...thank you for making such fun aquatic adventures with me!

Next Sept, a group of 10 swimmers from the Seattle area will be traveling to Crete as part of the Big Blue Swim! Many of these are first-timers but it will be Anne and my second TBB swim vacation to Greece. I'll need to get some serious distance in if I'm going to keep up with these awesome athletes. We'll celebrate Christine's 50th birthday halfway around the world.

Meanwhile, back on Vashon, here are scenes from a gray Tuesday, with bald eagle and sea lion encounters to boot. Getting cold out there in the drink.

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