Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Back in the Saddle

Reunited, and it feels so good! Welcome back to the homestead,VW New Beetle.

It was 10 years ago, almost to the day, that I parted with my beloved white 2002 new beetle. She was a lease, then a purchase which I flipped to buy a Toyota Rav4 for practicality (with two growing boys, athletics and skiing). Minivan: never. Chick SUV: sure. But now, with the kids grown and doing their things, I really missed that little car. So I looked around. Despite a winter of crappy health, I worked my ass off and tucked away some dollahs...then spent them when I found this:
Behold, A 2010 VW New Beetle convertible! This was the last (most recent) year they made the bubble front design before introducing the new-new beetle with the squishier nose. I don't like it as much. This gently used car came from one owner, with no accidents, was obsessively maintained and only has 40k miles on it. And she's now in my driveway, covered from the pine needles, pitch and pollen.

The thing is, I could care less that it's a convertible. In some ways that is a pain in the butt. Low miles was the compelling part for me. I love this little car! And because I could, I did.

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Thursday, February 02, 2017

Ode to my Vashon Athletic Club homies

In December, a virus decided to crawl into my brain and make my world spin...to the point that I was hurling non stop in week one, everything spun quickly to the right--making it next to impossible to read or concentrate at a computer (read: forced break!), I was unable to drive for a month, and am still left sensitive to bright light and quick motion. Vestibular Neuritis, you can suck it. Striking 1 in 200,000 people each year, the good news is there's a 95% chance I'll never have it again in my life.

Another good thing is right here on the island is a physical therapist with expertise in working with vertigo patients: Lonnie Shiosaki (VCCC). With her help, I've been able to hasten the healing process. Basically you retrain your brain after the inflammation effects subside. She has strategies. The other bit is slowly forcing yourself into the light bit by bit (taking breaks), into focusing, and into movement...something I sorely missed being hyper as I am! So I'm back at VAC and doing short open water swims until I'm 100% again. Grocery stores exhaust me quickly, like superman to Kryptonite.

Being back at -Da Club- has cracked me up. There is relatively new ownership and it's being kept very clean and well-attended. I will say, however, that enforcement of workout apparel (or shoes) is lax. My past four visits sum up the view of outfits/offenses, seen from the balcony elliptical:

  • Lady in jeans (with rivets), a macrame-looking belt and Birkenstocks using the weight machines
  • Man with NO SHOES running on the treadmill. GROSS! And no, he didn't wipe the base where his feet were, once done.
  • Woman in all black (she's always in all black) reading a fine print novel at the weight machines. She sat at one machine and read page after page while people did a circuit around her, skipping that machine in anticipation.  
  • Man in cargo pants with a metal belt and brown leather loafers; he looked office-ready.
  • Surf trunks man in brown leather oxfords with a large duffel he towed along to every machine. At least in surf trunks you get good flexibility and ventilation. 
  • Woman in strappy, tan, open sandals in the weight room, wearing poly slacks.
  • Woman with WAY TOO MUCH PERFUME, which gasses up the upper level the second she walks in. Stop wearing this crap to the gym. Deodorant - sure. Perfume - nope.
That said, at least these good people dragged themselves to the gym in good faith, in the interest of health and wellness. Respect to all for that! But whatever happened to sweats/shorts/leggings, a t/tank, socks and tennis shoes/xtrainers? It's not a difficult dress code!

My hope is that VAC might post up an info-graphic behind the glass depicting the very apparel details that were in our membership packets oh so long ago, as a refresher. Do it for your safety (injury prevention), do it for communal cleanliness, and do it for your best possible comfort when working out!

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