Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Special Agent H

First trip of 2017: San Diego, pictured with childhood Coronado classmates at Sean & Michele's wedding!

As much as I've posted on this blog, I tend NOT to post a lot about what's happening in this work world. Part of that is because many of the projects I take on are accompanied by NDAs (where I cannot talk about them because they are things/brands/products/restaurants in development).

First, let's back up. What the heck do I do to make a living? I write. I sell. I shape. I also cut out words or messages for people/brands that don't need to be part of the "sale" or the "pitch." Oh yeah, sometimes I also pitch media. Mostly, I write.

When I was 8, I remember writing and illustrating stories, mostly when visiting my dad every other weekend. These were little stapled-together pages I called -books- entitled, "Frog and Rabbit make friends..." and then came a whole series of spin-off adventures. Reading and writing came early and easily for me. I noticed my younger son, Zachary, also picked these skills up very early.

By eighth grade, relocated from Coronado to Salt Lake City with my mom, two brothers and a stepfather, I remember a new stern English teacher instructing my class to spend 25 minutes writing short business letters from the topics listed in a book. I didn't understand we were only supposed to write just ONE letter (she said letters, plural!). I raced the clock with total focus to write out all six in the textbook and succeeded. When it was time to pass in the work, the teacher was shocked in a tickled way. Ms. Hull, I remember you! I still didn't realize this aptitude could pay the bills one day.

After studying everything from journalism to telecom to communication theory at UH, and getting an FCC license for a radio show, running the campus student film and video club for a year, and interning as a casting assistant for TV commercials (everyone wants to film in Hawaii), being an on-set PA,and before that working in CA as an intern at the PolyGram Group Distribution (A&M for me) promo office, this vast umbrella of comm exposure served me well. After graduation there was ad agency work, then features/newspaper writing, to freelance copywriting, Gannett, to PR agency work, to corporate (wnie) communications, And now I'm basically Special Agent H.

Today, I'm doing food, wine, hotel, lifestyle and restaurant work--some with digital or pr firms, some direct work from repeat clients. And it's so fun! Precept Wine, The Pink Door, Ivar's, Tini Bigs/Hula Hula spot projects, a new Hyatt, more legacy restaurants, and agency brand strategy have kept me buzzing from one project to the next.

I am grateful for the opportunities that come through hard work and relationships. I am learning to keep an awesome work-life balance (swim/exercise, volunteer, take a trip or four!).

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