Thursday, July 20, 2017

Fat Salmon 2017 complete!

Each July in Lake Washington, more than 300 swimmers race a 5k point-to-point course that starts at I-90 under the Day Street Boat Ramp and ends just shy of the 520 at Madison Park Beach. It's a USMS zoned NW championship race that draws out the elite athletes, rounded out by fitness swimmers like me, just trying to edge up on my 2015 time!

The water was warm. It was probably too warm for the wetsuit division for which I registered, but I stuck to it. My new sleeveless chafed the heck outta my underarm and shoulders. Hip flexors still ache from kicking, but I shaved 8 minutes off my finish time.

It sucks when swimmers get pulled for not being fast enough at the 2.5-mile mark. Volunteers swoop in on boards and kayaks and nudge people out. In the case of our swim friend Alison, she was having none of that! She was swimming for two at nearly nine months prego and she kept swimming until she finished. Flanked by friends and fellow swimmers, she did it.

Me, Alison and her swim baby, and Waymon

Wendy V. from the island took first in her age group finishing in 1hr 26 min. Nineteen minutes later, I came ashore! The first finisher was 1:05 and the last finisher was 2:20 or so. It felt good to check this race off the list for the year. Next up is Alcatraz unless I find a killer deal to do the Waikiki Rough Water Swim. Meanwhile on Vashon, the jellyfish are back in droves on our shores and they're huge--egg yolks and lion's mane. Lakes sound pretty good right now!

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