Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Festival Weekend

Vashon Island's population triples in size on the weekend of its annual Strawberry Festival. That statistic comes from crews roughly measuring the poop out of the rented honey buckets used during the fest, and I'm not joking. So, yeah.

Bettie Edwards was running a good campaign for Vashon's unofficial mayor, and her cause was the Vashon Community Care Center, where she volunteers. In the end another candidate "won" (votes are counted in dollars for each respective cause), but she raised 10K for VCCC. This is the same place where I had rehab for a long lapse of severe vertigo, so when Bettie called last minute to ask if we could roll through the parade in my convertible with the VCCC king and queen in back, I didn't hesitate to jump in.

I also got in a nice visit with my oldest son, some longtime friends, met more of my fellow VOV deejays and its board members, and learned how to get scratches and scuff marks off the bumper of my shiny white car (since some jack-hole left the scene of their crime in the IGA lot). Of course no note. That would be too civil. So, thanks to youtube, a microfiber cloth and some gritty toothpaste, I have mastered what every used car salesman already knows--buff it out, keep going, be patient, and you might just get things back to pristine!

I hopped a plane that same night to San Diego for another celebration, to see my uncle play in the 50th anniversary of his Coronado band, West Coast Iron Works. This visit meant a lot to my mom. We saw our family friend Dorothy who lives in SF, I had breakfast with my dad, I jumped in freakishly warm ocean water and body-surfed a bit (while lots of tourists got sting ray assaults, apparently), had a Heinz family lunch, popped into a couple boutiques, saw my Kassie, and before you know I was back home for work late Tues.

You never know when or if today's the last day you'll ever live. I'm packing now through early Oct with lots of activities, living life to its fullest. The garden is growing, this incredible community has galvanized our place here and of course, the water keeps calling. Honolulu, SF (for another race from Alcatraz), London, Crete...I'm coming for ya soon!

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