Monday, July 10, 2017

Older and faster

In the seven years that I've taken on open water swimming, the race events always have me in awe of the older women (60+) who are absolutely like lightning in the water. They are so inspiring! Last week David and I were in Coronado to celebrate with childhood classmates in what would be our 30th year CHS reunion (I moved, but D graduated there). In addition to lots of events around town and nice family visits, there was a (59th annual) July 4 rough water swim right on Center Beach! I had to be part of it.

I knew two other ladies racing: Brooke, who is the local master's coach, and Phoenix, a long-boarder and swimmer who fears no body of water. I was comforted to have David with me at the start, and to run into both of these women in a sea of 300-ish swimmers. Many were wearing team parkas or under collegiate tents. I was swimming with some serious, humbling competition.

Apprehensions for me: swimming in skin (without the comfort of my wetsuit like in the sound), and racing in the ocean, where the swell bobs gave me a sense of the vertigo I'd just finally shaken after all these months.

Me, Brooke, Rae and another swimmer

Phoenix and me

Phoenix is up front here in the blue top.

You can see the surf.

Done! Seaweed still in the bathing suit top.

One woman who was 68, Tracy, and in town for her 50th high school reunion was the top finisher in her age group and one of the first women in over all. A total bad ass off to compete in Worlds next! To my delight, I swam the course in 29:35 (mile); and yet, I was in the last 25% of finishers- ha! Meaning, what is typically a fine finish time was, with this crowd of D1 (and ex-D1) athletes, just meh. My friends were out just ahead of me by one and two minutes, so I feel super accomplished!

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