Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Home Alone

The nest is totally and officially empty as of this week. Don’t ask me to predict if things will stay this way, but for now, we’re home alone! And it’s peaceful. Healthy. Liberating.

When you share your home, you realize all the quirks of your housemates and vice versa. Some things you don’t want to know: Like how voraciously one eats, or uses enough toilet paper or feminine products to single-handedly kill a rainforest, or accumulates (food/paper/clothing) beyond rational thought, or just talks while chewing food... or doesn’t close their mouth when chewing.

I work at home and my office is in an open space—occupying one of three living rooms, and when I’m at the computer that is a cue to all to keep on walking through (do not take a seat and sigh away the day, throw your things down on the futon or engage me while I’m in the zone!).

It amused me when simple items we bought for ourselves were cannibalized upon move-out by our last roommate, from canned staples (and you bet our pantry was full to start…and gazed upon in admiration by the new resident), to that one, on-hand box of mini pads (I just needed my one full-but-opened box, for when it mattered). The car I let her use she totaled within 8 weeks of driving it...the one I obsessively maintained for 10 years, that was going to last me many more years. Poof. Its replacement is a joke—and the joke is on me and my wallet. Lesson: By extending yourself and your things, the poof can happen.

Then there was the gesture in Dec 2015 to wire that same friend pocket money to her then-resident North Africa via Western Union. The money was never redeemed and I eventually got it back, but some creep got his hands on my WU account and just this week tried to wire cash to Morocco. I have heard about enough smarmy deeds by French Maghreb-type mafiosos to last me forever, but I didn’t think I would also be filing an ID theft case report for myself on top of everything else.

Is it worth it, to share? Absolutely. Would I be less generous moving forward? Doubt it. Through the past six years, this home has been a launch pad for my mom (through grief and knee surgery), an unpredictable uncle, a girlfriend awaiting her partner to move west, and the last, the friend in a rough spot starting life over in her 40s. Yay, space.

In time, we’ll downsize, like all empty-nesters do. We’re exploring a hop over to the cottage in which we’d fix the big house up enough to rent out. For now, we are enjoying a peaceful, predictable, roommate-free living space once again.

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