Monday, September 25, 2017

Alcratraz Swim #4 - done!

We swam Alcatraz...I did it in a bikini and it was FUN! Although I didn't race like normal, I had a fine time at 43 minutes across and kind of wonder what my time had been if I went full throttle! Next year provides that opportunity, I suppose!
Thank you for our kits and sponsorship, New Wave Swim Buoy!

Feeling strong and grateful for health and fitness in our late 40s!
(The guy could be our son!)

Diana, Rose, me and Kate

Kate, Diana and Rose are all amazing, strong women and we have a blast swimming together. This trip was extra special because I was able to share the weekend with my mom, son Alex, and my "auntie" Dorothy! We'll be back!

I've committed to Kate to join her on her English Channel 2018 relay, so the training continues!

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