Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Welcome to the North End; wanna get away?

We have had what feels like months of utility work on 103rd Ave. Just as one utility was wrapping up, along comes a love note from PSE headlined with something euphemistic like "Making Improvements for You," which basically meant, "ALL HELL'S GONNA BREAK LOOSE AGAIN ON YOUR BLOCK, BABY!" This time, Asplundh tree service will trim entangled branches and then new lines will be put in where needed...this is what we gathered from the courtesy letter. This in an effort to thwart outages, of which we've had a couple lately.

Welcome to North End life this fall/winter. You're not missing anything.

Whether it's the existing project or the new one with PSE is anyone's guess, but this entire week, engines and equipment have run ALL DAY LONG with very few moments of ever cutting engines, and it's all just outside our driveway. This while flaggers poised a few hundred yards up and down our road literally govern our comings and goings. Crews start early and sometimes go into the dark. We've seen welding, excavating and -big truck- tow trucks out front. It is a shit show now, hopefully for the greater good!

I suspect just based on the changing of the flaggers that this is the PSE project. Living close to the ferry has a GREAT advantage, but there's also this infrastructure stuff that needs attending. I pay my taxes and am's just super lame to work at home with all this NOISE!

Impact Hub in P-Square is where I hold a part-time co-working space; looks like I'll be there a little more in the next few weeks! #serenitynow

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Lip sync battle royale

Happy 3rd birthday Voice of Vashon. We came, we costumed, we lip sync-battled for a cause!

I channeled my mom to be the 60s go-go diva (white boots and all) and lip sync "Have love will travel" by Seattle garage band of the 60s, the Sonics. And I'd do it again!

So much creativity with this crew. I'm so lucky to be a part of this community.

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Thursday, November 09, 2017

Move-mber: my FUPA prevention program

Anyone else deeply affected by the seasons? November is a tough month for me, living in the Northwest. Colds and flus are spreading around (already got over one!), it's chilly, it's grey, it's dark early and late...just hole-up weather in general. This makes getting outside to swim, or just getting OUT much more of an effort than any other time of the year. I have committed to work out every day of this month, whether it's a swim, gym circuit, hike or dancing. I'm on day 9 and it's been so fun!

So far in the mix: walking five miles, an ecstatic dance session, and multiple pool and gym sessions. Rather than make excuses, I'm burning it up! I'm not willing to "diet" beyond eating sensibly, and we really do eat well. I'm not a snacker, not a binger and refuse to make this month MOO-vember. So alas, MOVE-mber!

My friend recently put the fear of God in me by mentioning her observations of the dreaded FUPA on people. Just the notion of developing a FUPA by being sedentary appalls me. What, you ask, is a FUPA? I don't make this stuff up, folks! Urban Dictionary has a harsher definition, that one really cuts deep. It's basically hanging-out-the-front fat over your pubis. It's usually completely preventable with a little self-control, holding upright posture and regular exercise. My fear is compounded by having a totally non functioning thyroid and being reliant on a moving target dose of levothyroxine to make my organs work and body metabolize as it should.

Vashon Athletic Club has made many improvements and I'm impressed with the changes. Check it out. Move with me. Catch you in motion!

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Monday, November 06, 2017

Chanterelle La-la-la!

When the inclination to forage tugs on your shoestrings, you get those boots on and hit the forest floor! It was one of those mornings when the sun peeked out, it was brisk but tolerable, and the fungi had sprung from the earth at our favorite secret spot.

Seventeen pounds of white chanterelles, all from our fair little island. When they're still $20/lb at our market, it feels pretty good to haul in more than $300 worth for the price of getting dirty. Score!
chanterelles on vashon

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Friday, November 03, 2017


Since he discovered the cat door and came of age (six months) to venture out, our little Bug kitty has become a mouse avenger!

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